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Monday, August 14, 2000

A change of plans

“We made a mistake!” Kurt yelled this morning.

“What?” I was still slightly groggy from just being awakened.

“We made a mistake! One of the sites we're visiting is an inn! We should have stayed there last night,” he said.


“What do you say we stay one more night in St. Augustine. We stay at the St. Francis Inn. What do you think?” Kurt asked.

We were doing well time wise; it wasn't taking the week I expected it to take. One more day wouldn't hurt us. “Why not? But better call first to see if they have any rooms available,” I said.

Kurt picked up the phone and called. He talked to the owner, Tom, for a few minutes then asked about the rooms. Then he turned to me. “They only have two rooms available,” he said to me. “But the two rooms are the haunted ones!”

“Get them,” I said, getting interested.

“Okay.” He then made arrangements for one of the rooms. I guess we'll be staying another night in St. Augustine.

We then made plans for the day. Check out of the hotel, then hit Castillo De San Marcos, the main fort in St. Augustine. Then lunch at 46 Ave Menendez, which is also known locally as Harry's Seafood Bar Grille. After lunch, check into the St. Francis Inn, then hit the Light Keeper's House.

Then, off to Castillo De San Marcos.

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