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Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Woo hoo! Bug free the first time through …

It's always nice when code I write works the first time.

mod_blog advancing yet some more. I was going to embed the HTML within the module, but when I wrote some sample code (to make the archives on the current site) it just got real messy real quick and I didn't even bother finishing it up.

Instead, I quickly wrote code to process template files. This side works pretty much like I think I'm going to end up doing it. I set up a subdirectory containing the templates, each file containing just a portion of a much larger page. In effect, each file is a chunk of HTML code that is processed. During the processing, anything between double hash signs is taken as the name of a callback function.

So for example, in the HTML code I have:


  <title>##title## - The Boston Diaries - Captain Napalm<title>


And the callbacks are currently defined in C as such:

static void archive_callback(FILE *fpout,void *data)
  struct tm *ptm = data;
  char       date[BUFSIZ];

  strftime(date,BUFSIZ,"%B %Y",ptm);


void do_archive(
		  FILE *fpout,
                  int   year,
		  int   month,
                  int   stday,
                  int   endday)
  static struct chunk_callback cb 
    = { "title" , archive_callback };
  struct tm thisday;

  /* code to set thisday properly snipped */

  /* code to generate links for each day */


The call to ChunkProcess() takes an output file, the name of the chunk to display, a structure declaring the callbacks, the size of that array, and an extra pointer that is passed to the callback, in this case, to a struct tm * to the date we're processing.

The only thing I may change is the way callbacks are registered, but the mechanics certainly work.

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