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Sunday, April 16, 2000

Baby shopping

(originally written on Tuedsday, April 11, 2000)

I actually went to Babies-backwards-R-Us. My friend Lorie is having a baby shower and everyone (including guys) were invited, as I think she has more male friends than female friends.

She was registered so that helped. It was actually quite painless. Entered the store. Next to the customer service desk was a kiosk—an embeded computer with touch screen. Press here to start. Type in the name (bad point—keyboard presented was in alphabetical order not QWERTY—very annoying), found her record, hit print and a few seconds later seven sheets of printout describing what she wanted.

That was the easy part. Hard part was actually finding stuff on the list.

Now, those that know me will find it rather difficult to believe that I actually did this. But I don't hate kids. I mean, if they're cooked just right … ha ha only joking.

But I'm amazed at just the amount of stuff you can get for a baby. Special rash prevention diapers. Special formula bottles. Pacifiers. I did not realize the extent of specialization in pacifiers. Nor baby mits (now when did they become popular?).

Makes me wonder how we ever survived as a species without it?

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