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Monday, February 07, 2000

There's a casino across the street …

When I moved here 12 years ago, across the street (the main street, Sample Road in Coconut Creek, Florida) was this large field. A rare site in Lower Sheol where any available piece of undeveloped land doesn't remain undeveloped for very long.

But it lasted a few years, until Wayne Hyzinga (sp?), Garbageman Billionair Extrodinaire, financed the building of an AutoNation there across the street, then sold it (for profit mind you) to one of his holding companies. Ah, the wheeling and dealing life of a billionaire.

And so it was until a few weeks ago when the AutoNation suddenly closed its doors across the street. The parking lot, once full of quality used cars at an affordable, no haggle price, was empty.

And so it was.

So I was driving home tonight when I saw these placards along the road, and in primary colors splashed across the face, I saw:

The Coconut Creek Casino! Parking—Turn here!

And all the placards were leading towards the AutoNation parking lot. Great! I thought. They built a casino across the street!

So I decide to check things out. I park the car at home, and amble my way over across the street. I see a few cars parked there, but nothing that looks remotely like a casino. I walk up to the front entrance of the now closed AutoNation and find a security-type guy there in one of those golfcart like vehicles.

“So, where's the casino?” I ask.

“Down the street. Do you know where the Toyota dealership is?”

“Yes,” I said. The Al Hendrickson Toyota Dealership is down the street from me.

“It's right behind there. The parking lot isn't finished yet so they're using this as a temporary parking lot. The shuttle bus should be here in a minute.”

“No, that's okay. I was just curious.” And I walked off.

I guessed that the Seminole Indians had the thing built, and when lo, I was right.

If this thing is open 24 hours like all other casinos I've been to, then that adds one more fine dining establishment to partake of fine food after midnight to the local Clock and Denny's.

As I see it, the Seminole Indians had the thing built.

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