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Thursday, January 27, 2000

White people with dreadlocks. What a long strange trip it's been.

So a friend comes by and takes me to this bar along the ocean (forgot the name of the bar) because a mutual friend of ours is the keyboardist for the Grateful Dead coverband Crazy Fingers (out of Ft. Lauderdale).

I'm not overly ga-ga over the Grateful Dead like most Dead Heads are, and I'm not into that whole Hippy thang either. But at the bar there were plenty of aging Hippies, neo-Hippies, HippyChicks, tie dye shirts, Birkenstocks and long flowing skirts, and white people with Dreadlocks. White people with Dreadlocks.

White people with Dreadlocks!

Typical Americans to co-opt what was a rebel statment against the whites and make it a fasion statement.

White people with Dreadlocks.


It was also amusing to see how many Dead Heads were into The Industry. I met at least five people who worked at various jobs within the Industry and there were probably more. My friend the keyboardist, is also in The Industry. He's also a paper millionaire, having sold his website for an ungodly amount to another company.

I think I have an easier time with a millionaire playing in a Grateful Dead coverband than I do with white people with Dreadlocks.

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