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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Notes on an overheard conversation at a restaurant with the TV turned to a tennis match

“Oh come on! Just serve the ball already! This is like watching a pitcher!”


“Look at her! Bouncing the ball up and down like that. It's like watching a baseball pitcher!”

“Pitching isn't easy. Both leagues will now have designated hitters for their pitchers.”



“Why not have designated hitters for other positions?”


“Yeah, a designated hitter for the catcher, first baseman, short stop …”

“They change catchers all the time.”

“Like they don't change pitchers?”

“Look, pitching is a specialized art. You don't want them getting hurt while batting. Just the other day one got hit bad with a baseball.”

“So anyone can be the catcher then?”

“Well … no … ”

“So why not designated hitters for catchers?”

“Because … ”


“Shut up!”

Extreme statuary, Delray Beach Edition

Bunny and I stopped at The Girls Strawberry U-Pick Ice Creme Shop and Animal Petting Farm again (don't judge us! You'd do the same!) and this time we took a stroll out back of the shop. While one should always be wary of the Spanish Inquisition I did not expect this:

[A human-sized statue of an Easter Island moai.] “What?  You expect me to say something like ‘Ooom poppa chikamaga wana sing gow / Do lomma sinnigama mana ching jow / Inimana choogamaga wana sing gee / Finimana foonimana one is now free?’  Wrong culture dude!”

It was a lot smaller than I expected. And you can buy these things? How expsensive was it to ship it all the way from Easter Island?

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