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Monday, June 29, 2015

But is it music?

I'm thinking Bunny would let me melt bismuth in her pans before she would accept Melodyne (link via Instapundit) as a valid music making tool. It definitely looks more flexible than Auto-Tune (say, add a harmonizing vocal track only to words sung in B, for instance). The vocals that are “corrected” are still noticeable—it's just a different effect than the robotic reverberations of Auto-Tune. Don't get me wrong, it's still noticeable, but it isn't … um … as tinny? Robotic? Computerized? as Auto-Tune.

So … Tool? Crutch? Does it depend upon your viewpoint? As a non-musician, I find Melydyne to be an incredible tool to allow people who otherwise can't carry a tune to create music. But Bunny, having had musical training, might think differently (I can relate—I hate PHP yet it allows people who aren't programmers write programs, for better but usually worse).

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