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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Leverage the synergy between my company and Google's social media empire and search engine with a side of mocha

That was weird.

Google Plus” (which is Google's attempt at Facebook) just called me on my cellphone.

Yeah. I didn't believe it was Google Plus either.

At first, it was a robot wanting to talk to the “business owner” of “a website” and to press one to talk with a “specialist” who could help “leverage the synergy between my company and Google's social media empire and search engine with a side of mocha” (or something to that effect, I wasn't really paying much attention frankly; I was just amused that “Google Plus” would even be calling me about “my domain”). Okay, I can play along.

I press “one.”

“Hello there! How can I help you?”

“You called me. I'm the ‘business owner.’”

“Okay! And your business is … ?”

“You tell me. Which business are you calling about?”

“So you are the business owner of the domain?”

“That is a possibility. I do own several domains. Which one are you calling about?”

“Well! Okay! Let me pull up the domains that are associated with your phone number. Um … you are in ‘Bokka Ratone?’”



“Yes, that is the zip code around these parts. So what domain are you calling about?”


“Excuse me?”

“webboar. The domain “webboar.’ Double-you ee bee bee oh ay are.”

“No, I never had that domain.”


“For true.”

“Okay, what about”

“Yes, that's one of mine.”


“Nope. I don't have anything to do with that one.”

“Oh, my mistake, that's probably how we found you.”


“And who does your marketing?”

“I do.”

“Okay. Web site design?”

“Tha would be me.”

“Oh. So, are you intersted in leveraging the synergy between your company and Google Plus? We offer full search engine optimization and can help you market your site via social media.”

“No, I am not interested in that at this time.”



“Okay then.” <click>

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