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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Walking in a winter wonderland

We woke up to find snow outside.



The last time I saw snow was in 1998, trudging through 20° weather in Boston, at night, ever on the lookout for the next subway station, which was inexorably “just around the corner.”

Fortunately, the snow was a light dusting over Brevard, and most of it was gone by late monring.

Unfortunately, we were not ensconced under three feet of blanket, but instead, we found ourselves trudging through 30° weather in Brevard, in the early moring, ever on the lookout for a farmers market, which was inexorably “just around the corner.”

Okay, I kid. It was several blocks from The Red House Inn, but due to the weather and the fact that some parts of Transylvania County experienced several inches of snow, the number of sellers at the Transylvania Farmers Market was severely curtailed to about ten foolhardy brave vendors.

The rest of the day was spent under three feet of blanket.


Extreme shower stalls, Brevard edition

just because The Red House Inn was built in 1851 does not mean it doesn't have modern amenities. Just look at the shower in our suite!

[His-n-hers shower heads. How sweet!]

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[It's the most wonderful time of the year!]

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