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Tuesday, Debtember 21, 2010

An end to the Eternal September?

Okay, now this is odd.

About half a dozen people get notified via email when I post here (it's a feature I dropped three years ago) and I noticed that just now, notifications to AOL are bouncing, not because AOL is rejecting my email (a typical occurance) but … well …

<>: Host or domain name not found. Name service error for type=A: Host found but no data record of requested type

A few checks, and yes, AOL has no way of receiving email from the outside world at this time.

Could this be the actual end of the Eternal September? (sorry Dad) Or is this just a momentary glitch where heads might end up rolling?

Update a few hours later …

It seems that AOL got its act together and fixed the MX problem. Alas, the Eternal September continues …

Now I understand how I must sound to non-technical people

Good news! There's no need for a new car! Bunny had the car towed to her preferred mechanic, he took one look at the problem, said it was simply “the harmonic balancing stabalizer disintegrated due to prolonged exposure to entropic forces, thus causing the drive belt pully to slide laterally away from the internal combustion containment chambers, setting up wild oscillations in the drive belt which stressed the recharging subsystem causing it to improperly function. Shouldn't take more than two, three hours to fix” (or something like that).

“Make it so,” said Bunny (or something like that).

And thus, three hours later, I was there, picking up my car. It also cost less than I expected, given the seriousness of the situation my friends thought the car experienced.


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