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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Next time, I want donuts

Nothing quite like a 3½ hour meeting to really make a day great.

“But the sharks did have head mounted laser beams.”

What with 45,000 participants (at around $250 a pop), arson, a suicide and former partners suing each other over Black Rock City, LLC, it appears as if Burning Man has jumped the shark (then again, I thought the whole gig was up when Wired Magazine made Burning Man the cover story back in 1996).

Update on Friday, August 31st, 2007

I just received the following comment from resilient:

Yup! [1998 and 1999] are the two years I went. On the last year I went I heard about people taking their business partners to the event for networking purposes and that's when I knew the glory days were totally over.

I would have thought it would be mighty uncomfortable with all that sand blowing around …

I found the following article about Burning Man rather amusing.

Maybe it's a coincidence that local health workers have complained to me that they think there's a noticeable increase in STD testing around the Bay Area after Labor Day weekend, presumably from those who found bliss and new friends for life (of the genital virus variety) while spreading the, um, love and art at Black Rock City … The Man might be burning, but so is your ass. It's no wonder the attendees are called “burners.”

Burning Man and safer sex

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