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Sunday, August 12, 2007

While the Bible might be the literal Word of God, it would have behooved Him to have created Xerox a bit sooner than He did.

My calligraphy has gotten to the point where I'm now doing actual illuminated (illustrated) pieces (although other people do the illumination—I just add the lettering). The main problem I have now is that the writing is so slow that it's very easy to make a mistake.

In fact, I made two mistakes on the piece I just finished.

Mistake number one: I was supposed to write “whose continued and exemplary service as a chirurgeon has brought comfort to so many.” But in going so slow, I wasn't paying attention to what I was actually lettering, and wrote instead “whose continued and exemplary service to so m” before realizing my mistake.


Not having a small knife to scrape the mistake away (nor even the more modern Liquid Paper™) I decided to carry on and rewrite that particular sentence to read “whose continued and exemplary service to so many as a chirurgeon has brought comfort.”

Okay, so not the best wording, but when it's hard (or impossible) to fix mistakes, you roll with it.

Mistake number two: the word was supposed to be “Companion” but I had just finished writing “Ch” when I realized it wasn't supposed to be “Champion.”


It's “Champion” now. Hope that's okay.

Who would have thought that going so slow would be so error prone?

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