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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Growing rocks and all that

Spring and I went to the Morikami Museum nd Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida. Quite the calm and peaceful place, much like Bok Tower, only without Saruman and his throngs of Uruk-hai running around the place.

[The Land of Make Believe]
[The Land of Make Believe at Ground Level]
[“See!  I told you!  Squid eyeballs!”]
[And absolutely NO swimming!]
[Sadly this wasn't real, but a cunning fake.]
[This isn't the Bridge over the River Kwai.]
[Lots of pretty flowers]
[A rock garden, and what can't I ignore?  That pine cone.]
[Waves of rocks in the garden]
[Yet another garden for growing rocks.]
[There's a museum over there, along with very small trees.]
[For some reason, I found this very funny.]
[Little trees.]
[Rock Balboa has nothing on these guys.]
[Wow, a Bonsai forest of one tree!]
[These guys were at least 2′ in length!]
[One of several waterfalls.]
[Boca Raton is overrun with these guys.  This wasn't the only fauna we saw though.]
[Yet another rock garden.]
[This place is lousy with rock gardens!]
[And from Japan we hit a pub in Irland.]

Significantly afterwards, in keeping up with our international hopping in South Florida, Spring and I hit a Irish pub for dinner, where I had a traditinal Irish Fish-n-chips, and Spring had a spinage dip with potatoes, which prompted us to ask if the Irish settled Idaho.

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[It's the most wonderful time of the year!]

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