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Friday, March 02, 2007


Finally, a toy that invites children to explore the nature of cruelty. In fact, Electronic Test Tube Aliens ($15) are either the most cynical and ill-conceived toys on the market, or the world's first truly existential toy. The story is simple: There's an alien invasion on, and you get to be a collaborator by taking care of a Wi-Fi-enabled, battery-powered alien adoptee. Three of the aliens are good and three are evil; whether yours is good or evil has no bearing on how your creature will behave, since these test-tube babies can't fight each other or really do anything. Except die. In fact, that's their specialty.

Via Postcards from the Bleeding Edge, Test Tube Aliens: Gadget of the Week

You know … this just … fifteen dollars … words … fail me.

Next thing you'll know, people will be selling virtual 70s style porn beds … oh wait a second …

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