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Friday, March 02, 2007

Two things

Two things, tangentially related, but enough to push me into a bad mood (it was the inability to log into a server that pushed me into a really foul mood, but I'm better now).

Thing the First: I'm driving about and I end up behind a school bus dumping kids off. Annoying, but a normal part of traffic at that time of day. No, what set me off was the line of cars along the side of the road waiting to pick up the kids. What? Can't let Brandyn and Heathyr walk a two blocks home, can we? (And for the record, the neighborhood was far from being South Central Los Angeles) Can't even be bothered to drive the few miles to the school to pick up Brandyn and Heathyr either. For those parents, I would love to give their kids their very own lawn roller coaster.

Have fun, kids.

Thing the Second: From a ticket in our trouble ticket system, “Is it possible foward a copy of an employees mail to another account temporarily without their knowledge?” What's wrong? Don't trust your employees? Need to watch over them like little kids? Perhaps you should give them their own lawn roller coaster too? But don't expect your employees to trust you much. (To be fair, I don't know the reason behind the request and there could very well be a legitimate reason, like a police investigation behind this, but this is my first reaction to this).

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