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Go figure.

Wednesday, Debtember 13, 2006

Night lights

It was four years ago that I last photographed lights at night (I absolutely love Christmas lights), so it's been more than long enough. Tonight Bunny took me to the Holiday Fantasy of Lights at Tradewinds Park, where I managed to get some spectacular photos this year.

[Englightened road] [Green streaks] [The car moved right at the end of this picture] [Englightened Christmas Colored Trees] [Setting the scene for “Englightened Christmas Colored Trees’] [What Number Six never told anyone is that the Village was quite nice at night …] [Wavy light tree] [Yellow Streaks] [1.21GW @ 88mph] [Tunnel of light] [Work continues on a nearby mountain (what?  A mountain in Florida?)] [Someone call the NBA!] [Silver Streaks] [Magic Kingdom] [Damn bears were impossible to photograph!] [Squiggles] [Squiggles II] [Squiggles III] [“Photon torpedos fired, sir!”]

It's funny. I lived practically across the street from this for almost fifteen years and not once did I ever bother to go. Now that I live about fourty-five minutes north … I go.

Go figure.

[Merry Christmas to all …]

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