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Thursday, Debtember 07, 2006

Still nothing much to see unless you're a programmer

Those of us who deal with programming and are suspicious enough to see that our daily professional life could be improved, are often confronted with functional programming. There is a great misunderstanding going on regarding what functional programming is and what are its benefits, and where and how imperative programming is wrong. Supporters of functional programming claim it is the best thing since slice bread, but I beg to differ, and that's why I decided to write this blog.

A sincere comment on functional programming

Yet another article about programming, related to the post on Tuesday.

I have a bunch of thoughts on this, but they're all half-formed, and I've already spent over two hours trying to get something coherent written, but haven't. This will have to wait until another day.

Update around 1:30 am Friday, Debtember 8th, 2006

Of course, in writing that post, I forgot to mention Coverity (link via Flutterby), which appears to be a form of lint on steroids. It's a commercial product based off the Meta-Level Compilation Project. Pity that it's already gone commercial, but at least they give an indication of what it can do (Mark would probably say something like, “Finding bugs in Linux? Isn't that like shooting fish in a barrel?”).

Update a few minutes later

My thoughts were so unfocussed that I found vocalless music too distracting.

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