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Saturday, September 09, 2006

So if I don't double my money, do I get a refund?

beowulf hamlet <>
Bug in E-bullion system - double your bullion in seconds
Sat, 09 Sep 2006 15:25:30 +0300

I found a bug in E-bullion system, which allows you to double your e-bullion deposit in seconds!

The bug is in the special administration account, all transfers sent to that account are not withdrawn from your account, but paid back to you instead.

Please send me $50 E-bullion currency to my account C49355, and write your email in the memo field. I'll send you the instructions by email. What I wrote is true, that really works!!!


So, Beowulf “Frank” Hamlet (by the way, neat name, but an odd email address), that's a nice little scam you got going there. I send you $50 bucks from the system you claim to have a hack for, and you'll send me back instructions.

Hmmm …



So, let me ponder this for a second. There's a special account at E-bullion that supposedly adds any amount to transfer to this special account back to your account. Is this a bug that can be done only one time? Because if not …

I start with 1¢. Twenty “transfers” later I have $10,485.75. Sweet. And yes, I can see E-bullion not finding out about this bug at all.

But tell you what, I got this email from Dr. Luisa Estrada, wife of the former head of state and President of the Philippines Joseph Ejercito Estrada, who wants help transferring $18,000,000.00 and is looking for help.


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