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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Zombies, mutants … is there really a difference?

After the benefit BBQ Spring and I dropped The Kids off at Casa New Jersey and met up with her friends to see The Hills Have Eyes, the remake of the 1977 “classic” The Hills Have Eyes (at the time, I thought the title sounded familiar, but I had never seen the original, nor knew what either film was about).

During the opening credits, what with all the nuclear Armageddon imagry being bandied about, I thought this was going to be your standard Zombie flick, but I was wrong—it turned out to be your standard mutant flick, about a family travelling through the desert getting waylaid by nuclear-devestated mutants from all the nuclear testing done by the US during the 50s and 60s.

Horror films are not my thing and I personally didn't care for the film all that much, but I was surprised at the number of survivors still standing at the end of the film, but like in most horror films, the “victims” all do very stupid stupid things, like not looking in the back seat, blowing up their only shelter, not telling the rest of the group about a dead pet—stuff that had they been just a tad smarter … well … okay, the movie would have been over in about 40 minutes.

Ah well.

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