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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Once more into the tarpit

It's been a while since I last reported on the Labrea Tarpit we're running. In the almost two months since I've mentioned it, it's just been sitting on a shelf, tarpitting away. As I reported back then, it seems that it's more effective at telling us what's attacking us (IP address) and where (port number) than actually slowing down the attacks.

Yesterday, Dan the Network Engineer asked if he could get regular reports of what IP addresses are hitting us hard. So I modified ltpstat to generate the requested information (I'm not bothering to mask the offending IP addresses):

Attacking IP addresses
IP AddressNumber of “connections”

I also had it generate a list of ports being attacked. Again, nothing surprising here:

Top 6 ports captured by Labrea since the last purge
Port #Port description# connections
Port #Port description# connections
4899Remote Administration8,892
139NetBIOS Session Service5,081
1433Microsoft SQL Server1,644
135Microsoft-RPC service1,071
445Microsoft-DS Service914
80Hypertext Transfer Protocol850

(Just a note—I was able to generate this data from the existing reports that ltpstat generated, but pulling just this information out of said reports required at least three processes per report. It was just as easy to have just the information required for this to be generated by ltpstat itself)

Dan the Network Engineer is planning on taking these reports and automatically blocking the offending IP addresses from scanning our network. Should be a pretty sweet setup once it gets going.

Two Pictures from The Data Center at The Company

[Look!  Blinken lights!]

Two more photos, this time from the Data Center.

[Yeah, the color balance is off.  It's a camera phone!]

Can you tell I really like this panoramic feature of the phone camera?

I also decided to add this vertical panoramic shot I took to the sidebar there to the right. Just because.

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