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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Evil thoughts

I thought briefly of moving to Boston, way back in 1998 or thereabouts, for a possible short term contracting job. I didn't get the job (but I did get the title to this journal from it), thankfully, because I came to realize that I hated didn't like Boston. It was old, cold and a twisty maze of one-way streets all alike (it wouldn't surprise me of the maze of ADVENT was based upon Bostonian streets).

And today, I'm especially glad I didn't move there, as the political atmosphere there would have driven me insane. Okay, perhaps mAss Backwards is a one-sided view of all things Massachusetts, but still (all examples taken from mAss Backwards) …

The Massachusetts House voted yesterday to legalize over-the-counter sale of hypodermic needles to curb the spread of HIV and other blood-borne infections, potentially setting up a political showdown with Governor Mitt Romney over whether the bill will save lives or promote drug use.

House votes to allow sale of syringes (November 15th, 2005)

Well, there is the potential of promoting drug use, but …

Yes, the same legislative body that would have you believe there's no legitimate use for a handgun, even in the hands of the most law-abiding citizens, just voted to legalize the sale of hypodermic needles to known lawbreakers—in an effort to “save lives”.

Now, we could debate the legalization of drugs until the proverbial cows come home, but off the top of my head, I can only think of two groups of people that will benefit by passage of this bill: people who use heroin and other illegal intravenous drugs, and people who would be inclined to use a hypodermic needle as a weapon in the commission of a crime.

mAss Backwards (November 16th, 2005)

And now?

SALEM, Mass.—Police in Salem are on the hunt for a convenience store robber who used a syringe as his weapon. The robbery has gone down as a first, they said.

In fact, police warn that syringes are fast becoming a weapon of choice for criminals.

Via mAss Backwards, Police Hunting For Syringe Robber

But it's comforting to know that guns are still illegal in Massachusetts. But least you think it's just syringes being used in the commission of crimes:

Cheap and easily bought, machetes in America have commonly been reserved for underbrush and sugar-cane cutting. But now, in a spreading trend that so far has drawn little national attention, criminals are using machetes as weapons, striking fear in cities and towns across the country. …

That was the case as well in the Boston area, where a rise in gang violence involving machetes occurred in the past several years. The surrounding towns of Revere, Everett, Lynn and Chelsea have banned machetes, and there is now a bill before the Massachusetts Senate that would prohibit the carrying, sale and manufacture of the tool-turned-weapon.

Via mAss Backwards, Machetes cutting a wider swath of fear in U.S. communities

Although some sanity crept into the Massachusetts Senate so now you may have to get a permit from the police to carry a machete.

Yeah, that'll show them machete wielding criminals.

Granted, there may be silly things like that happening down here in Lower Sheol (and there are plenty of people who live on our street that carry machetes, but then again, we are surrounded on three sides by plant nurseries) but Florida allows concealed guns, and allows their use! Perhaps Massachusetts should consider relaxing some of their gun control laws …

Oh wait, who am I kidding? This is Taxachusetts we're talking about—a state filled with well meaning Government workers who are here to help. No, really! Heaven forbid ordinary citizens take care of themselves.

Oh, sorry about those evil thoughts there. The Nanny State is only looking out for our interests and security.

More evil thoughts

After years of idealism, I have finally decided that I am sick and fucking tired of helping the disenfranchised and oppressed. I have a master's degree in social work, and I've worked in a number of different settings. I've been a social worker for Children's Protective Services, a therapist on a psych ward, and I've worked as a case manager for a non-profit that shall remain nameless. I've had a number of clients over the years that I would now like to thank for helping me come to the realization that certain people are beyond help. …

4) The crackhead mother with 27 cats: I called you in advance to set up our appoinmet. You KNEW I was going to be at your house that day and that I would be evaluating your progress in making your home habitable so that your kids could be returned to you. So why, oh why did you answer the door with a CRACK PIPE IN YOUR HAND???? Oh, it's not yours? You were just holding onto it for your neighbor? Sure, I'll buy that. Let me ask you something though. Are those your neighbor's cat turds overflowing in the kirchen sink? No, you're right, those litter boxes ARE expensive. Perhaps you shoud consider getting rid of a few of the cats so there will be room for your children. Just a thought. By the way, is that your neighbor's blood coagulating over there on the couch?

Via Mostly Cajun, A social worker finally snaps

The evil thought that this brings to mind?

Lots really. And none kinds towards welfare or it's recipients (but I realize that the six cases mentioned in the rant above are perhaps the extreme cases and don't represent the norm—at least I hope they don't represent the norm).

But the main thought is that the people mentioned above need a swift really XXXXXXX hard kick to the ass head ass all over and reality shoved in their face.

Or perhaps we could ship these people to the Massachusetts Senate—they can help! They're from the Government!

(Oh my—am I turning … conservative?)

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