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Sunday, March 05, 2006

“… and some call me … Bubba!”

Running a weekly D&D game isn't all that easy, and for the past two Sundays, I've cancelled the session namely because I was burned out (that, and the last game we did play three weeks ago blew up).

I'm having to balance the game for both The Kids and the adults that are playing, while making sure I have fun doing it all, and I ran out of ideas.

Sure, I can use pre-written scenarios, but the few times I've done that, it felt a bit forced (and I'm saying this as the DM!) and constrained (“um … ” reading the module, then in a monotone voice, “you feel the heavy dampness of the dungeons close in on you as you descend into the inky blackness of Mygwrn Castle”) and as it is, I'm constantly flipping through the various rule books—who needs that and constant flipping through a pre-canned module?

I almost called it off this week, but one of the adult players, Rob (not my ex-roomate the Jolly Goth Rob, but a friend of Wlofie's) was so looking forward to the game (this is his first time playing D&D and he absolutely loves playing as the Wizard Bubba that I just couldn't not do the game. How could you not play a D&D game with Bubba the Wizard?

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