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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fun with Zip+4

Hmm … I could have sworn I wrote about this before, but since I can't find an entry about it, I guess not. Anyway … a few months ago I was playing around with zip codes, and I found out that the zip+4 code for Casa New Jersey only has one address—ours! Sure, it's meant for houses within a certain address range on our side of the street, but as far as I can tell, we're the only house within that range on our side of the street.

I made a comment about this to a few people (Hoade among them) and wanted to do an experiement where I addressed I postcard to:

Florida, 33461-XXXX

And see if it gets to us.

Well, when I was in Las Vegas last week, I did just that.

I sent four postcards, addressed as:

  1. Occupant
    Florida, 33461-XXXX

  2. To the Happy Family That Lives There
    Lake Worth, Florida 33461-XXXX

  3. Spring Dew Conner Stenbock Schmidt
    [street address] 33461-XXXX

  4. Frau Dew
    [street address]
    Lake Worth, Florida 33461-XXXX

#2 and #4 were mailed from Rachel, Nevada. #1 and #3 from the Hôtel San Rémo.

So far, two have arrived, #3 and #4.

Sadly, the one mailed from Rachel came with a Las Vegas postmark (Rachel doesn't have a postoffice, unless you count a blue US Postal Service mailbox a “postoffice”). And the one mailed from Las Vegas came with two postmarks—one from Las Vegas on the 18th, and one from West Palm Beach on the 23rd.

We are still expecting two more.

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