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Saturday, July 09, 2005

On the bright side … at least it's not inside the walls

There was bad news last night after getting home from the weekly D&D game—the A/C wasn't working. And if you live in Lower Sheol, there isn't much worse than not having A/C in the middle of July (I suppose it could be non-working A/C in August but let's not go there).

The outside portion of the A/C has a small fuse-box on the side of the house and when I went to check it after the game, I found what could have been the problem—there was a wasp nest inside the fuse box, behind a plastic plate with holes to the inside.


Today was spent trying to get rid of the unwanted houseguests.

I will admit to being a complete baby when it comes to the flying, stinging insects, namely because I've never been stung so I have no idea if I'm actually allergic to them or not. And I'm not really keen on finding out any time soon either. It was worth it to me to wear a heavy leather jacket, leather gloves and a large hankerchef over my head in 90° weather as I was spraying insecticide; I much prefer to melt into a puddle of water than to get stung.

But alas, even after chemically evicting our Polistes friends, removing the nest and testing the fuses (they were good), the A/C still didn't work. Which means we may have to call in the professionals …

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