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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

You know he got paid by the word, right?

7. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Unknown novel by little read author. (This could also have been Great Expectations or Oliver Twist, but Copperfield is the one where, for me, the disparate elements that make up the wonder of Dickens come together.)

Via Robot Wisdom, Wesley Stace's top 10 books about children aimed at adults

Unknown novel?

Little read author?

I'm not sure what they teach for literature across the pond, but here we got Dickens up the wazoo! I remember reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (at 100+ pages, this would be a “short story” by Mr. Dickens) and finding it okay, but I was also forcefed Great Expectations in 9th grade and hated it (and at 500+ pages, this would be a “novella” for Mr. Dickens). But “little read author?”

I can only hope that Wesley Stace was being droll …

“So why don't they kiss already?”

For Spring, the Bollywood FAQ (via Included are explainations for ear tugging and pinky wagging.

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