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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Well, that bit of nasty weather is over with

I was exhausted by the time I fell asleep around 1:00 in the morning. That was intentional, as I was sleeping on the floor in a conference room at Negiyo.

There's a reason (among many) that I don't do the camping thing, and that's sleeping on the hard ground (or floor). I don't find it all that comfortable. Especially since Negiyo is kept at near arctic conditions (I did prepare for this by wearing a leather jacket during the time I spent there yesterday and today).

I awoke around 9:30 to the noise of various people milling about outside and inside the conference room (ours was the one with the microwaves), but the good news was that Hurricane Jeanne had blown through and was now terrorizing northern Florida. I was still tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep in my own bed for another dozen hours. Spring suggested I go back to the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere and sleep while the rest stayed behind at Negiyo—she could manage the kids better there and they wouldn't disturb me sleeping.

Couldn't argue with that.

Driving back was interesting. Not much traffic, and half the traffic lights were out; no real pattern to them being out. I also have to navigate around downed trees across the road several times on the way home (one nearly blocking the whole road just outside the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere). But we had power here, which is good.

I slept for half a dozen hours then drove back to Negiyo to pick up the rest of the crew. No real damage to report other than more downed trees.

I did start one of the romance novels, and it's every bit of horrid writing you would expect. Amusingly bad in fact.

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