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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Yet another hurricane

And Hurricane Ivan has best be the last storm this year.

How I spent my hurricane vacation

I think I may have spoke too soon, although the track has this turning north and missing Florida.

At least, we can hope.

It also looks like Florida will get hit by Hurricane Ivan (although just technically) for three hits this hurricane season. Some might think this is a plot by the Republicans to drive registered voters out of the state; some probably think this is a ploy by the Democrats to lay blame at the foot of the Republicans (since the Governor of our state is the President's brother). I'm just surprised that al-Qaeda hasn't claimed responsibility for these hurricanes (“Pull out of the Middle East, or we keep sending hurricanes to your decadent state! Praise Allah!”).

I think I'll keep quiet about this from now on.

Update Thursday, September 16th, 2004

Well, that didn't take long (link via Burning Bird).

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