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Monday, January 05, 2004

More stuff

I came downstairs to find the Computer Room had exploded and a distraught Spring trying to piece it together again.

Okay, it didn't literally explode—just that the stuff in there finally got to Spring so she started tossing items out of the Computer Room. In this case, pretty literally tossing items out of the Computer Room (I'm still finding bits and pieces of a former mouse that didn't survive—not that it deserved to live anyway).

To calm her down, I gave her the task of sorting through a box of papers, tossing out the garbage, keeping the important stuff. She didn't quite understand why I had her do that when the rest of the room (and the front entry hall way) was still in a state of mess, but there was method to my madness; basically, get her out of the room and concentrating on something else while I finished cleaning up the area around the Computer Room.

Once she was done with the sorting, I had her file everything in the box. She still wasn't clear why I was having her do such seemingly inconsequential tasks, but such inconsequential tasks (which weren't all that inconsequential) were calming her down.

In the mean time, I had pretty much finished with cleaning up the Computer Room and front entry hall and the mountain of stuff seemed more managable. And it's certainly more roomy in the Computer Room now.

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