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Friday, June 13, 2003

About that multiple picture …

Normally I let my Photo Friday pictures go without commentary but alas, I have to confess—thematically my current entry is a rip-off of these images (you need to check them out—they're incredible! I especially like the one in the church and the one in the garage). I think the execution of this isn't bad—it isn't perfect (there's some funkiness with my hair on … um … the front one of me?) and I can totally see the botching at the foot of the stairs, but then again, I'm the one who had to work with about half a dozen photos (not all of which were used).

And I don't care if it isn't that original—I had fun playing with the Gimp to get this done and overall I like the image (much stronger than one of my earlier attempts).

In other news, I'm still amazed that the days go by without my notice. Last entry was three days ago, and it was my previous Photo Friday entry (which itself was four days late … sigh). Things have improved since the kids arrived, but I'm still learning how to cope. Which maybe explains why I go several days without posting, then Bam! update all at once.

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