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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

We are now 20 minutes into the future

NEW YORK, June 2—TiVo Inc., a maker of television-recording devices, Monday unveiled a TV audience measuring system that allows it to report the second-by-second viewing habits of its subscribers to advertisers and network programmers.

TiVo unveils audience measuring

Max Headroom was (and still is) scarily accurate of its protrayal of the future, given that the show is over fifteen years old. Network executives had to-the-second ratings numbers, news was entertainment (although that theme was also covered in the 1976 film Network) and corpratism was the name of the game.

And now, we have to-the-second ratings, news is entertainment and corpratism is the name of the game.

It also seems (as far as the original British version goes) that it takes place in 2004 …

Driving on the edge

I was out driving to day when I saw something wrong, just so wrong

[What's wrong with this picture?]

While the rail road crossing on Yamato Road (north Boca Raton) is known for the guard rails failing to go down, this particular incident happened along Palmetto Park Road.

You have been warned.

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