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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Not quite war driving

On Friday, through the generousity of a friend I was able to obtain an IBM ThinkPad laptop that is, sadly, more powerful than my main desktop system (more RAM, better CPU). I've spent the past two days compiling and installing software (of course it's a Linux box) which includes software to monitor wireless network activity.

Using Kismet to scan for WAPs (which seems to be very good software as it can also monitor a GPS to record the location of each WAP) I then took the laptop for a test by walking through the parking lot.

From previous experience I knew there were at least two other WAPs (excluding ours) in the imediate area but little did I expect five other WAPs just in the area around the parking lot here in the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere (near the number of access points we found by driving). I'm also amazed at the distance the signal can travel—I picked up our WAP halfway across the parking lot (a couple of buildings down), along with our neighbors (one of the two I originally picked up).

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