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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Ruins of Detroit

I was born in Detroit and while I wasn't exactly raised there, I did spend many summers there (technically, Royal Oak, a suburb just north of Detroit) so I have somewhat of a softspot for it (although I'm sure that one winter spent there would cure me of that affliction).

But certain events caused a once great city of over two million to decline, leaving much of the city abandoned. And a shame too, since many of the buildings are (or were) beautiful. Or at least something other than steel, glass and concrete.

So in coming across The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit (via life from los(t) angeles) I'm getting this great feeling of nastalgia. Not that I've seen many of the buildings pictured, but enough of them and it's a shame to see them destroyed. I mean, how many apartment buildings do you see with corner based semi-turreted coner balconies?

And okay, I have a fondness for brick buildings. I mean, can you imagine living or working in a building this grand?


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