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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Is there no synonym?

Spring and I were discussion names for a project I'm working on, looking up terms in a thesaurus when we hit upon a remarkable fact: there is no synonym for ink!

There's ink … and then there's … you know … ink.


Feeling Groovy

I'm feeling much better now. I suppose this means I better check up on Condo Conner.

Educational Meltdown

My eyes have seen the glory
of the burning of the school.
We have tortured every teacher,
we have broken every rule;
we plan to hang the principal
this very afternoon.

The school is burning on.

A popular tune in school when I was a student, that now would get me arrested if sung today at school.

I didn't care for school as a kid (nor of college, but that's another story). I knew that the U.S. educational system is bad (when plumbing is more prestigious than teaching, that's bad) but I had no idea that it is currently in meltdown mode.

Let's see, there's a 13 year old facing up to eight years for shooting a spitwad (link via Flutterby). And there's the boy suspended for writing an essay he was assigned (link via Flutterby). Then there's the girl who was suspended for drawing a picture of a teacher with arrows through his head (link via Flutterby, and I shudder to think what would have happened to Hoade with some of the pictures he's drawn).

And least you think I'm cribbing all my links on this subject from Flutterby here are a few from Disenchanted: one about underwear inspections going too far (yes I'm serious—underwear inspections at a public high school) and graduates who can't attend graduation unless they're planning on attending college (or entering the millitary, or continuing on to a trade school).


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