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Friday, May 03, 2002


He didn't show up.

I finally picked and hired a handyman to fix and repair the little things that needed attention in Condo Conner—stuff like replacing missing toilet paper holders, patch small holes, caulking, rehanging the ceiling fan.

Oh, and one rather large hole in the ceiling when the internal A/C was replaced.

Just lots of little things I'd probably never get around to, nor do I have the tools to do a good job.

So I arrive at Condo Conner at 10:00 am, which for me is early.

Darned early. Like 3:00 am for anyone else early.

And he doesn't show.

After an hour I leave.

He better have a darned good excuse for not showing up. For I am quick to anger when tired.

Grrrrrrrrrrr …

“Break out them scisors, Martha … ”

Via Spring comes your harddrive!

Well, only if you are using Microsoft IE. It doesn't seem to work under Netscape or Mozilla.

But really, it's an old old scam. Heck, I did something similar years ago at FAU when I started playing around with the web. If you're a Windows user, here's a copy of your machine's configuration. For you Unix people, how about I snag your password file. Sorry Mac people, I don't have access to a Mac to know where to grab vital system information so for now you're safe.

At least from me.

Actually, I don't have copies of your files. Those are your copies. Honest. It's just that I instructed your browser to pull up the file from your computer. I don't have a copy.

Now, this came about because of the scare tactics that Evidence Eliminator are using to drum up sales from gullible people (“gullible,” by the way, doesn't appear in the dictionary).

Ha ha.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, they have a page,, which they use to scare gullible people with. Reload it a few times. It is rather amusing. And the information they have on you is information that any site has on you. I have on you.

Better break out those scissors and cut the network connection.


The Little Boy Who Stuck His Finger Into The Electrical Outlet

One day his rabbit “Stuffy” chewed through the lamp cord in the living room and was immediately electrocuted. This, naturally, made the little boy curious about electricity. He asked his parents to explain and they got out the book and told him all about it. They also told him how dangerous it could be and never to touch the outlets.

Via Spring, The Little Boy Who Stuck His Finger Into The Electrical Outlet

A charming little story about a boy who learned the hard way not to play with electricity.

It also seems that Spring is enamored (spelled that way because I'm an American—otherwise there'd be an extra “u” in there somewhere) with the site.

Uhg … sushi for breakfast

Spring signed up with PublixDirect, a service of Publix (which is a chain of supermarkets in Florida and Georgia) whereby you select the groceries you want from the website, pay by credit card and Publix will then deliver the groceries to your doorstep.

The site apparently is set up quite nicely—allowing you to select items you normally buy to make a form of pre-canned shopping list. You can then check items off that list, as well as add other items not on the list, and see what items are for sale. According to Spring, it's very smooth and the site works well. You then see a schedule of when they'll be delivering in the area and you can pick one of several listed times.

She set up a delivery for today between 3:00 to 4:00 pm and sure enough, during that hour, the delivery was made, so it seems to work on that end as well.

And Spring is happy because she was able to get sushi delivered and is eating it for breakfast. Breakfast.


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