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Monday, April 01, 2002

Packing packing packing

Packed some more of the kitchen at Condo Conner tonight. Yes, we're still moving. Comes from a forced move I think.

And I'm finding all sorts of odd items that haven't been touched in at least eight years (and quite possibly, fourteen), mostly in little used cabinets, or on the top shelves. I found, for instance, that I actually do own an electric juicer—the type that can juice vegitables (“Oooh!” said Spring when I told her, “I can now make carrot-orange juice!” Um … yum?) in addition to fruits. I also own a couple of bottle pourers—they fit into the neck of the bottle much like a cork, but have a metal flute out the top with which you can pour the contents out of (you see them on liquor bottles in bars).

I also found some metal devices that looked like handles but it took me several minutes to figure out how they work. And indeed, they are handles, for CorningWare cooking dishes. They look like mutant bottle openers, one end flares out and has a flap of metal underneath. It looks like it could fit around the tabs that stick out the sides of CorningWare, but the flap is too close to the top to permit a fit. But … the other end of the device can do a quarter turn, and when turned, the flap is lowered enough to slip over the tabs that stick out the sides of the CorningWare. You then turn the other end back into place, and it locks the handle.

I don't think I ever remember seeing those handles when Mom and I moved into the place fourteen years ago. But I did find lots of CorningWare. And a CorningWare hotplate. Guess Mom was a CorningWare type of person.

I also found out that the plastic trays that all the TupperWare was stored were actually screw-in drawers! I never knew that.

I also found out I have more stuff than I thought I did.

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