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Thursday, Debtember 06, 2001

It's all about the buzz …

We watched Art House last night. I had rented it a few days ago (along with some other movies) but the consensus at the time of rental was I'm on my own if I want to watch this. But come time to watch it, and everybody is here, sitting in front of the TV.

It's different than what you might think from the cover art—while it has porn stars, lesbians and over pompous Hollywood types, it's not a juvenile romp of T & A (okay, it has that, but not overly gratuitous) but a rather smart comedy about the buzz in Hollywood.

And at least the director is honest when he said he made it purely for money.

They know … they know …



“Hello, Pizza Hut. Take out or delivery?”

“Delivery,” I said.

“Phone number.” I give it to them. They mysteriously know my address. “What do you want?”

“Two large meat lover's pizzas.” We're all carnivores here at Condo Conner.

“Type of crust?”

“One thin, one regular.”

“So that's two meat lover's pizzas, one thin crust, one hand tossed crust. Hmmm … no sauce on the thin crust?”

How did they know?

I spent the next half hour looking for bugs …

He seems really desperate …

So far, I've received three (3) cries for help so I'm beginning to think he's either very desperate, or that this might be spam …

Since the email address it was sent to is already a spam trap, I'm getting tempted to reply to this guy for more information …

Oh God, what am I saying?

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