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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Oh, yea. I don't really need that …

I read about a devloper making a program that allows him to make blog entries from his Palm Pilot and I thought You know, I have this Palm Pilot here—I can do something similar. I then played around with the Pilot for a bit until I realized that hey, I have an email interface to my journal, the Palm Pilot has an email interface … um … I don't actually need to do anything …


“I'll pencil you in for a race tomarrow … ”

“Hey! You wanna race?”

“Hey! You! You wanna race?”

Spring and I turned to see who was talking. We were in the car, sitting at a red light and the driver of the car next to us was motioning at us. “Yes?” I answered.

“Hey, you wanna race? Test out your engine. Maybe lay some rubber?”

“Um … ”

“No, I don't think this car can handle it,” said Spring.

“You sure?”

“Yes,” I said. “I don't feel like racing tonight.”

“How about tomarrow? If I see you tomarrow, maybe then we can race?”

“I'll think about it.”

“Yea? Yea. Good.” The driver then faced forward to wait for the green light. We turned back to watch the light.

“Hey!” We turned back towards the driver. “I'm sorry. Please excuse me. I've have a very harrowing day.”

“No problem,” I said as the light turned green and he drove off.

“Why I always carry a steering wheel.”

After not racing the other driver, Spring and I drove to the Starlite Diner for dinner. As we were eating a guy walked in, a steering wheel in his hand, like he always carried a steering wheel in his hand.

“Must be a theft deterrant,” I said.

“Must be,” she said.

After eating we were walking towards the car when we saw a fire engine red 60s convertable sans steering wheel. “Definitely a theft deterrant,” I said.

“Unless you have a wrench or another steering wheel,” said Spring.

Lemon Aid

I was checking my email when Spodie, Spring's cat, lept up on my desk, like he usually does. Only instead of using it as a launch pad to the top of Spring's monitor, or walking around my monitor to stuff his tail up my nose, he started gnawing on the USB cable attached to my webcam. I swatted him, so he decided to use my desk as a launching pad to the top of Spring's monitor. But in doing so, his paw hit the middle button on my mouse.

A bit of a digression is needed here. My primary system runs Linux, which means that I typically run the X Window System. On the X Window System, the middle mouse button will automatically does a paste operation. I also use elm to read my email. End of digression.

So the upshot is that Spodie sent a barrage of random commands to elm and it started beeping and booping and generally getting locked up tight. I closed the window to kill the application as Spring literally tossed Spodie out of the Comptuer Room and shut the doors (which required some effort on her part as they didn't really want to shut).

No harm happened to my email—it was more annoying than damaging. But keeping the door closed meant the room became an uncomfortable tempurature, as well as keeping Rob out (which we don't really want to do).

Sorry, another digression. Earlier in the day we went food shopping and one of the items we picked up were a dozen lemons for fresh lemonade. Spring likes lemonade, and she made a batch as soon as we got home.

Yet another digression—cat's hate the smell of lemons. It's a natural cat repellent.

So, wanting to keep the doors open, Spring fished out the lemon rinds, stringed them on a cord, and stretched it across the doorway—all to keep Spodie out of the Computer Room.

Somehow, I suspect we may have a bit too much time on our hands.

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