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Friday, March 23, 2001



Installing VMWare under Linux, then installing Linux under Linux.

I thought about installing dosemu, but thought better of it.

How To Turn a $175,000 High-End SGI Challenge DM Server into a Fridge

Server (n.),
   1. Large, extremely expensive machine that goes “Ping!”. Measuring at least 25 cubic feet, heavy, bulky and giving of more heat then a nuclear power plant. It's big, it's bad, it's beautiful and makes it pretty clear what happened to this year's IT-budget.

Via Camworld, The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project


Or rather, Cold!

The space stations red glare

JV (fellow cow-orker) and I were watching Mir crash into the South Pacific on CNN tonight. Simply amazing—150 tons of metal screaming into the ocean. It was dropping at about 720 miles per hour (dropping, as in loosing altitude—laterally it was moving way faster than than).

It must have been some sight as it streaked across Fuji.

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