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Thursday, March 15, 2001

Home owner dimentia


I'm running around cleaning up the place before the cleaning lady gets here and I'm just overwhemled with how much stuff is simply breaking down here in the condo.

I'm a horrible home owner. Something breaks, I'd like to call someone to take care of it. In that reguard I'm like my Dad. But it's not like I can't repair this stuff—I can. I just don't want to be bothered.

Gotta clean before the cleaning lady gets here …

My mom would rush around the house cleaning. “Mom, isn't that what the cleaning lady is for?” I would ask her.

“I can't let her see the house like this!” she sould say.

I could never quite understand why she felt compelled to clean the house before the cleaning lady would come.

Now I do.

And I can't explain it either, other than to say “I can't let her see the house like this!

Casting perls and swine

having a job is not unimportant, but if knowing perl is a requirement for a particular job, consider another one before taking that one. this is true even if you know perl very well. life is too long to be an expert at harmful things, including such evilness as C++ and perl.

can lisp do what perl does easily?

Okay, I admit, I hate perl. Take the worst of /bin/sh, sed, awk and C, throw in some nonsense theories about computer languages should be like ambiguous human languages and give it to people who don't know the first thing about decent design nor maintainable code, and you get perl.

Am I biased? Perhaps a bit. But like Forth, perl has a reputation of being a write-only language. Only Forth has a consitent syntax. Perl doesn't.

And I'm a sucker for perl and C++ bashing.

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