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Sunday, March 04, 2001


In trying to track down members of Generation-X that I used to hand out with (on alt.society.generation-x and it's mailing list (which I'm still on although the volume has dropped since the heady days of 1996 with 200+ messages a day to it's current trickle of maybe 2 messages a quarter)) I came across Leslie Harpold's homepage.

I remember back in 1996 (give or take a year) that she wanted to start an online magazine. I had similar notions at the time so I registered a domain (actually, and and thought maybe we could collaborate. She declined, as my purpose (multi-media) wasn't her purpose (not multi-media).

It didn't matter since I had only registered the name; I never did get around to paying for it. Nor did I ever get around to actually doing the site. But Leslie did: Smug. Which appears to currently be on hiatus.

But she's also gone on and done other stuff, like her prepacked homepages (such as the goth girl package).

Odd factoid here: Not only were we both born on the same day (we both share the birthday with Elvis Presley and David Bowie) but we were also born in the same town (Royal Oak, MI). Not the same year though. Not sure why I mention this, other than I think it's a neat fact.

Another odd factoid: The word factoid is not a real word.

Yet another useless factoid: you were spared a rather poor pun in the original edit of this entry.

Maybe Smug will eventually return.

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