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Wednesday, January 24, 2001


Qualifying For A FREE Grant Is Easy!

$10,000 to over $100,000 in FREE Grant Money is Available NOW!

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Nevermind the fact that a grant is free money that you don't have to repay, I was curious enough by this piece of spam email to check this page out (from work and I typed the URL by hand into a new instance of the browser so no referer information would be sent).

Of course in order to get this FREE Grant MoneyTM you have to buy their book for $39.95. Of course.

I then decided to do a search on Free Grant Money (via Google) and found that there are two, maybe three, competing companies selling the same information ad naseum across the Internet. But I kept on digging and did manage to dig up some good information on grants in general.

“Why am I in the kitchen again?”

I hate this. I know I wanted to do a few entries, but having done the first one, I for the life of me can't recall what the other entries I wanted to do were.


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