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Tuesday, April 25, 2000

More Scripting HTML

Via Camworld is an article about JSP which from reading the article, tries to serve the same purpose as what I was talking about a few days ago.

That in turn pointed to webmacro which seems to do templating, but I'm reading further.

Associations are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!

Around this time each month I pay my bills. This is also the time I catch up on unread snail mail so it was today when I found a notice from The Association concerning an amendment to Article 20 of the Declaration of Condominium of my particular area.

The proposed amendments are actually deletions from the current Article 20, which if passed, means that Unit Owners (that's me) will no longer be allowed to lease or rent their respective units, in three legal size pages. Yes, Article 20 of the Declaration of Condominium is three legal size pages long.

It's bad enough I don't own any actual land (I don't. I own a volume of space sharply deliniated by the ground, the upstairs neighbor and the outer walls of my unit). It's also bad that I'm personally responsible for much of the additions to Rule 5 of the Rules and Regulations of the Association. Now this.

I tell you, associations are eeeeeeeeeeevil!

Rule 5.

Just in case you are curious, here is Rule 5 (of 30) from the Rules and Regulations of The Association:

(5) NO vehicles other than automobiles shall be permitted to park within the Condominium Property, except for the purpose of making deliveries or providing repair services to a Unit. For purposes of this rule, “automobile” does not include any type of van (except those vans with windows all around AND two (2) or more rows of seats), camper, truck, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, etc. No vehicle which can not operate on its own power shall remain on the Condominium Property for more than twenty four [sic] (24) hours. [I think I'm responsible for having the power clause added. -spc] No vehicle shall be repaired within the Condominium Property, except in emergencies. Head-in parking only is permitted. Please be informed that your Board of Directors in order to maintain the beauty of our village has promulgated rules so that illegally or improperly parked vehicles be ``towed off'' Association property at the expense of the Owner [Note: first reference to towing at owner's expense. -spc] of the offending vehicle and that appropriate signs indicating the above have been posted at the ingress and egress (entrance and exit) [I just love how they used fancy terms then had to go and define them. -spc] to the property in accordance with Florida Statutes. Therefore effective on or after April 1, 1989, an authorized representative of the Board of Directors or the Management Company will exercise the right of The Associations to have any unauthorized or improperly parked vehicle on Association property towed away at the expense of the owner of the vehicle involved. [Note: here it is again. Sigh. -spc] Identification of vehicles in violation as noted above should be brought to the attention of the Management Company or the Board of Directors who will then take appropriate action. [Which shall consist of a large obnoxious orange sticker adheared to the driver side window of said car that will require a razor blade to remove. Trust me, I know of which I speak. -spc] Any vehicle in violation of the above will be given twenty four [sic] (24) hours notice. Thereafter it will be towed at the owner's expense. [Third reference! “What I say three times is true!” –Lewis Carrol -spc] Please govern yourself accordingly. These rules will be strictly enforced. [And how! -spc] Vehicles will also be towed [Number four. -spc] if the vehicle is parked on the median, lawn or landscaped areas or the vehicle is parked in a parking space which is reserved for, and/or numbered for a Unit Owner/renter [sic] [Well, I guess that will have to be amended after Article 20 is amended. -spc] that has not authorized said vehicle to park in that Unit's designated parking space.


I also particularly like Rule 16 (which I am not responsible for thankfully):

(16) No one other than persons authorized by the Board shall be permitted at any time on the roof of the Condominium Building.

I would just love to hear the story as to why Rule 16 was needed.


I should also mention that this was the day I got a speeding ticket driving home.

I knew better than to take Sample Road, which is under heavy construction, but I figured that hey, it's like 1:30 am and there is no traffic what so ever. That and well … I needed to get home. Nature calling and all that (and I mean, it was calling).

So I'm speeding home along Sample. “Just a few more miles. Just a few more miles. Just a few more miles,” was the mantra I kept saying to myself when WHAM! Off to the right side, on the shoulder, blue lights.

He caught me. Fair and square. I don't put up a fight as it only pisses off the cop and I've found that generally if you take a positive attitude you get off with a warning. But going the speed I was in the zone I was in (construction) meant I probably wasn't going to get a warning.

I didn't.

But it could have been worse. It could have been 1:30 pm (of course, I wouldn't be able to drive the speed I was if it had been 1:30 pm).

But neither did it take that long, for which I was grateful.

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