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Friday, March 03, 2000

PHP Woes

Mark and I tried to get PHP installed on the main webserver. Or rather, I was doing it while Mark looked on.

Snag one—when following the PHP instructions to install mod_php3 I found that it excluded the module I wrote, mod_litbok. That's when Mark took over and spent the next hour trying to get both PHP and my module compiled into the same webserver.

I remarked that had I been the only one doing it, I wouldn't even give PHP a consideration after 20 minutes—complexity for complexity's sake and the poor quality of the install documentation and all that.

But Mark, who thrives on solving problems that shouldn't exist in the first place due to poorly written software, got both modules installed. We copied the (now huge) executable to the webserver.

My module didn't work properly. Mark was upset that I put the old executable up. I consider my webserver a production server and until I find the problem, I'm not going to have a half-working module.

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