The Boston Diaries

The ongoing saga of a programmer who doesn't live in Boston, nor does he even like Boston, but yet named his weblog/journal “The Boston Diaries.”

Go figure.


No, I do not live in Boston, MA. Nor do I live in Cambridge, Somerville, Quincy, Milton, Newton, or Brookline. Nor do I live in Massachusetts at all. I live in Florida. South Florida. Lake Worth to be exact, but by proximity, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami is close enough, depending on how well versed you are in the geography of South Florida. I've lived down here since late August of 1979 when I moved down here with my Mom from Brevard, NC. It was a move I wasn't thrilled with but after years of living down here, I really can't see living anywhere else.

I have friends that live in Boston (Cambridge to be exact, at Porter Square) and they've been lobbying me to move up there, but I've declined every time I visit them.

But there was a time, in 1999, that I thought I might move up to Boston temporarily for a job and I thought that if I got the job, that keeping an online journal for my friends here in South Florida would be a cool idea, and from that, the name Boston Diaries sprang to mind. I liked the name so much that I decided to keep it even though I ended up not getting the job (to much saddness of my Bostonian friends).

This journal is also an experiment in web technology. In late 1999 I worked on the Electric King James Bible and I thought to apply some of the ideas there to a weblog or online journal. I started this on December 4th, 1999 and due to technical problems, set backs and just plain laziness it's taken me nearly two years to get the software to a stage that I find acceptable (from the user perspective; from a software perspective the code is hideous but hey, this is an experiment).

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