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There be spoilers for ``Revenge of the Sith'' here. If you haven't seen the film and don't want it spoiled, leave now.

I mean it.

This is your next to last warning.

And here's your last warning.

So be it (zaps you with Force Lightening---oops, sorry).

While the opening sequence of ``Revenge of the Sith'' was exciting, I have a hard time rationalizing why Palpatine/Sidious (and if didn't see that coming from a mile away, congratulations! You must be on the Jedi Council) staged the whole kidnapping segment, especially since he (Palpatine) was being held in possibly the most vulnerable part of the ship during a full scale battle above Coruscant. If the whole point was to get Anakin to kill Count Dooku, thus freeing up a Sith Apprentice slot, then certainly there were better ways to do that than being ``held prisoner'' on a ship under heavy attack.

And while I can suspend my beliefs enough to accept that the Jedi Council can't detect a Sith Lord at extreme close range, I can't see Count Dooku not knowing Darth Sidious' little secret of being the Chancellor of the Republic.

So what, exactly, was the point?

Anyway ...

I do think we get a hint as to Anakin's origins. Remember his virgin birth in ``The Phantom Menance?'' In a conversation between Anakin and Palpatine, Palpatine talks about his old mentor, and how he could actually generate life by manipulating midi-chlorians---I wonder if this mentor wasn't the one that ... um ... impregnated Shmi. I'm not sure if that was the intent of George Lucas but that's the impression I got from that sequence.

Then there's the fight sequence between Yoda and Darth Sidious in the Senate Chamber. Silliness. Just plain silliness, with Sidious and Yoda flinging around those Senate platforms at each other, bouncing off everything.

A very cool bit in the film though---in the opening sequence Anakin cuts off both hands of Count Dooku, grabs his lightsaber and has them both trained on a kneeling Dooku. Anakin wants to arrest Dooku, but Senator Palpatine orders (suggests? Jedi mind tricks?) Anakin in killing Dooku. Later in the film, Mace ``Jules Winnfield'' Windu can strike Darth Sidious dead, and Anakin is trying to convince the Jedi Master that killing him is not the Jedi way, and attacks Mace ``Jules Winnfield'' Windu, allowing Darth Sidious to do away with the Jedi Master.

But Anakin's fall to the dark side? Happens way too quickly (in about two minutes of screen time) for my tastes. And Anakin just merrily goes about slaughtering Jedi at the Temple.

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