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Fred Fassett

2005 Predictions by  Fred Fassett

September, 2004

New in Medicine:

In the near future the computer will evolve beyond anyone’s imagination. There will soon be amazing breakthroughs in medicine with computer-driven devices that both analyze physical imbalances and correct them. The key will be the use of Light as guided and administered by computer chips. Rather than relying on human healers adept at the use of Light as a healing tool, we will be able to use computers to ascertain appropriate healing frequencies for a given problem and apply them. As scientists begin to realize that we are merely energy particles swirling in our own signature patterns, the question of healing becomes simply a matter of returning aberrant energy patterns to a more balanced state. That this will be done mechanically is an unprecedented miracle. By 2015 there will be few invasive surgeries.

If anyone ever needed proof that Light (the building material of the Universe) heals, let them witness this upcoming technology!

The Middle East:

Lately, Spirit has been showing me many who have died over the centuries in the Middle East. The impressions these souls are leaving with me is that they are very, very sad that their homeland is still dealing with so many dark forces. They see the U.S. Military as one of these dark forces. We would like to think our military is busy in places like Iraq in order to “free the people”, but, of course that is not the real motivation—and these disincarnate souls know this. Interfering with another culture’s “prime directive,” as it makes its way toward its own understanding, is usually not advisable as it tends to slow down that culture’s natural process of growth. Don’t misunderstand me, there are times when intervention seems to be the most noble action, but it must be done in harmony with the existing local paradigms. Force does not create harmony.

Interestingly, I see possible earth changes affecting this area as a result of the prevailing conflicts. The Universe may intervene with changes in the water volume in the Mediterranean. This could geographically separate some of these conflicted areas and possibly remove Jerusalem.

North Korea:

Is a Lion roaring – much more dangerous than generally acknowledged. In their efforts to develop nuclear weapons, I see a nuclear accident. They want to fight – they don’t want to be idle. And they want equal status to their communist neighbors. They are a very angry people—particularly at the U.S. Would like to send destructive mechanisms to western U.S. Negative Asian alliances are a possibility.

A Failed Experiment?:

Emissaries of Light have been arriving on Earth since the late 1970’s. These are children who were trained in spirit-form to help elevate world consciousness. Unfortunately, many of these children have not been able to cope with the prevailing negative energy of current Earth. These children, who are brilliant and spiritually powerful, are literally disintegrating energy-wise and falling into mental confusion such as ADHD, ADD, depression, and anxiety. We try to make them conform to our sense of “reality” by medicating them. The medications are literally interfering with the unique neural activity that was the tool they were given to help the world. By reducing their sensitivity through these harsh medications, we have done them and the world a great injustice.


Mother Nature (or, Planetary Mind if you prefer) is struggling to cleanse Earth’s oceans in an evolutionary plan to create new ocean species as a food source for humankind. Soon there will be some very strange looking life forms coming out of the ocean – but they will be tasty! Also, they will be a life form with minimal self awareness so that consuming them will be karma-free.

Some smaller forms of hibernating land animals will begin to emerge in a not-too-distant spring with a new look and new abilities as nature begins to adapt its creatures to upcoming global changes.

As such, our own species is also changing. Access to higher consciousness will become easier and significant changes in the pineal gland will become apparent. We will soon become more aware of Spirit and the possibilities there. The more each of us releases anger, hate, jealousy and negative expectation, the sooner we will experience this more enlightened perspective.

By 2050 there will be greatly increased intuitive growth on earth. We will begin to merge into more of a communal relationship with one another. There will be less words and more “mind reading” as a means to cooperation and further growth.

Earth Changes:

There is no question that our entire planetary experience is on the verge of a mighty effort to correct itself. Our planet wants to survive and continue to provide an environment of beauty and balance for all the life forms that are drawn to her. As pollution and disregard for her gifts continue, she will fight back. In the end she will win even if it means becoming inhospitable to her current residents.

I believe we can expect many unusual climatic and geological occurrences in the forthcoming year. This will include a wide swath of earthquake activity around the world. This activity will not be confined to the usual areas, but will pop up in areas where earthquakes are rare.

Some weather changes will also continue. California will become colder with snow elevations lowering. The southwestern areas of the U.S. will receive considerably more precipitation than is customary which will begin changing these desert areas to a slightly cooler and more humid environment. The southeastern portions of the U.S. along the Atlantic and Gulf coastlines will begin to lose land mass as it literally washes into the seas.

I see jet streams shifting and changing the areas from Palm Springs, the Mojave Desert, Phoenix, Texas and turning up north toward the Great Lakes. Among other things this will begin a greening of some the U.S. deserts. I anticipate this will be a 14 year transition.

Beginning soon through to 2013, coastlines worldwide will start to change shape as water levels begin to rise with the melting of polar ice. This along with earthquake activity will begin to lower the elevations of the coastal mountain ranges. Many people are choosing to leave these areas, so if you feel the urge to move, it’s likely the Universe is trying to get you out of harm’s way. Pay attention—it’s all about choice and change.

Much of what is occurring water-wise (like the current onslaught of hurricanes) is due to several interesting astrological events involving Pisces/Pluto. These water inundations will affect areas that have an astrological imprint associated with water. These include Florida, Alabama. Louisiana, and much of the Mississippi river basin. The Mississippi River will begin increasing in width and its exit into the Gulf of Mexico will fan out considerably. Land mass will begin disappearing in some coastal areas as water levels rise from Polar ice melting. Coastlines will be changing.

There is some indication that the state of New Jersey and the cities of Chicago and Philadelphia are about to experience earth upheavals.

The pressure building up in the Yellowstone’s geothermal region may be a very, very big deal, but I don’t see any actual explosions until 2008-2010. The initial changes will be seen in Idaho. Volcanism coming down through this area will change the jet stream which in turn will add to the weather changes.

There  has been a prevailing darkness worldwide for the last two years. I see famine in some places which is a backfiring of anger. These “earth changes”, as always, are the reaction of our planet to the emotions on the surface.

When we, as humans on this planet, learn to stop these aggressions, the energies from the Universe will descend upon earth and bring profound miracles of peace and joy everywhere. The struggles of ego and illusion must cease. The majority of humans on earth want peace – so the lesson comes to those who don’t.

Handling the threat of terrorism:

It’s tempting to let possible terrorist activity limit how you live your life. I highly recommend you don’t “go there”. As some of you no doubt know—fear attracts fearful experiences. Further, if you haven’t already, I recommend taking some classes in using the Light to protect yourselves—it is very effective and will help immensely in the event you are actually “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

By way of trying to understand the frustration that drives people to terrorist activities, can you imagine, for a moment, the degree of absolute anger one must feel to tie explosives to themselves and become a human bomb? Imagine living your whole life within  restrictions that don’t permit self expression, where abundance in any form eludes your best efforts and you can expect nothing better for your children. The human spirit does not dwell comfortably in such situations and will eventually impel its physical host to take desperate measures. Thus you have terrorists—people who want change but don’t know how to accomplish it because they’re trapped in a belief system that does not serve personal growth.

Every human being on Earth is on their own path and every human being has lessons to learn. If you are a soul who finds yourself in the throes of upheaval, such as many now in the Middle East, you have gone there (into upheaval) for a reason. When an entire culture ends up in turmoil, there are lessons to learn en masse. In the case of many of the cultures/sub-cultures in the Middle East, particularly now in Iraq, it is simply a struggle of egos. Each group is imprisoned in primeval uncertainty and conflicts that date back thousands of years and they can’t find their way out.

Sadly, it is a problem well beyond the ability of any would-be helpful outsiders to rectify. We cannot solve their problems because these problems are what will guide them toward their own resolutions, in their own time. In our military intrusions, we have simply aggravated the tension that has prevailed there for countless generations and reduced their ability to learn their own lessons and move forward. The problems in Iraq will not cease until Iraq is allowed to play out its own destiny, achieve its own peace.

What can help these people is a constant and powerful influx of prayer coming from all over the world to help them find the peace, happiness, and fulfillment that has so long evaded them.

The Power of Words:

Never forget the power of words—whatever is spoken becomes manifest on some level. We are more powerful than we think and all thoughts and utterances serve to shape the reality we experience. Because we are all a part of the One, discordant and negative thoughts dribble over onto everyone else’s experience creating the chaos around us. In this chaos lurks our potential undoing.

In closing, I want to encourage you all to direct your meditations and Light Work toward the world’s governments to reveal the truths that seem cloaked. If enough people do this, I feel we will find out what we need to know in order to return our shared experience to the higher path.

Blessings to you all, Fred Fassett

© 2004 - 2005 Fred Fassett

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