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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stupid student tricks, now that the statutes of limitations has expired

When I saw the video of Atlanta students driving the speed limit (link via Instapundit) I was reminded of the time I participated in such a stunt about a decade ago.

It wasn't consciencely planned; it just more or less happened, and it wasn't on an interstate highway (or any type of highway) but on a road (major road, but road nonetheless). There were three of us, each in our cars, spanning the road all driving the speed limit and watching (much like in the video) the traffic piling up behind us. Periodically, one of us would slowly creep ahead (which is something the students above didn't do), but not so much as to let anyone pass us, and watch as all the cars behind us would start shuffling, attempting to get behind the slightly faster car. The one driving just slightly faster would then slow down to match speed again, and someone else would start to pull ahead, and the car shuffle would start yet again.

We found it very amusing, and I'm surprised, it being Lower Sheol and all, that we weren't forcibly shoved off the road and shot.

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